Rabbit Catastrophe Press is the publishing wing of the Workhorse literary community.

Our mission is to promote the social art of writing. We want to provide a place for all writers to read, write, publish, & study. We want the people in our community to grow in their craft and seek professionalizing opportunities. We believe that everyone is on a personal journey with their own writing and seek to honor that by providing a layered approach to the writing process.

Workhorse (which includes Rabbit Catastrophe Press, The Gauntlet, and Ought Hours) is dedicated to promoting writers marginalized from mainstream literary communities. If you are queer, of color, trans, differently abled, outside of the academy, or otherwise commonly excluded, we encourage you to join our community.

Robin LaMer Rahija and Christopher McCurry co-founded Workhorse LLC in 2016. Join us in conversation and collaboration.

About the Tip Jar 
Help support Rabbit Catastrophe Review by choosing our Tip Jar option! Submissions through this category are greatly appreciated and ensure that we can continue producing our beautiful, hand-made journals to house your work. Tip Jar submissions are read and judged equally with all other submissions. No preference is given, just good karma. 

If you can't chip in, no problem! Our editors work for free so we can keep our submissions open and accessible to everyone.

General Poetry Guidelines

Send up to three poems at a time (up to six pages total) in a single document. We like pieces written in both traditional and experimental forms. Our main concern is an attention to the beauty and creativity inherent in the structures of language. We look for content that reveals, not just repeats. 

We offer two reading periods per year, February 1 - June 1 and August 1 - December 1. Please submit only once per reading period.